Could Kenya Lead the Blockchain Revolution?

Why not? The East African nation of Kenya is a seemingly unlikely yet strong contender in the race to blockchain liberation. While news headlines have been flooded with talk of ICOs and STOs, Kenya has been setting the pace for Africa with Bitcoin ATMs, bitcoin restaurants, and bitcoin mining.

Kenya while not the biggest economy in Africa has stunned the world with its growing culture of innovation and business. The nation is not short of ambitious entrepreneurs dreaming of a better world revolutionised by technology.

In late 2018, news surfaced of plans to make Kenya the first nation with a Bitcoin ETF. This may not be a surprise to some who have observed the increasing use of Bitcoin in Kenya. The nation is reported to be a top 3 user of Bitcoin in Africa, with millions of youth ready to adopt the technology.

As time passes, it is likely that the success of geographic regions in advancing will require personnel skilled in the technical skills needed to build blockchain solutions. It is of great importance that funding is made available to provide for the engineering costs of decentralising Africa. Government funding is unlikely to be such a source. Private funding of some form will be necessary for the liberation of Africa through blockchain technology.

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