6 African Countries That are Embracing Blockchain

1. South Africa

South Africa hosts some of Africa’s biggest blockchain conventions. In addition, some of its banks have not shied away from embracing blockchain technology. This says a lot about the openness of the country to blockchain technology.

2. Ghana

From solving land registration disputes to improving cross-border payments, Ghana is on its way to becoming a blockchain nation of the West Africa terrain. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated a research grant to Bitsoko a blockchain startup in Ghana. Let’s hope this is one of many many more investments in the sector of Ghana.

3. Nigeria

The list wouldn’t be the list without Nigeria on it. Nigerians are always looking for the next big business venture. With blockchain technology many business ventures could be explored by Nigerians. As education on blockchain technology increases in the region, the number of blockchain addicts will also increase.

4. Uganda

When leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, stepped on the seen in Uganda, it was reported that they got 40,000 new users in just a week. The Ugandan government has shown interest in the use cases of blockchain technology.

5. Rwanda

There’s no place like Rwanda. Microsoft has made a key partnership in the nation to digitise land registry using WiseID apps and cloud technology.

6. Kenya

If you’re looking for potentially the next tech hub of blockchain in East Africa and possible Africa then Kenya is the place for you. From restaurant owners teaching their customers about Bitcoin to blockchain miners and consultants, Kenya is brimming with innovation.

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