Kidnappers in South Africa Demand Bitcoin For 9 Year Old Girl

Kidnappers demanded a transfer of 5 Bitcoin within 48 hours to this BTC address – 1Bk4TQzDXhxGgMwrXcaFhViSyoT9GLk2kN in return for a missing nine-year-old girl, Linathi Titshala, in Cape Town, South Africa.

The missing girl is said to have disappeared in Delft , two weeks ago, after she left a birthday celebration at her grandmother’s home.

Western Cape Gangwatch is attempting to track the IP address of the kidnappers following an email which stated the following:

You have 48 hours should you not transfer the bitcoin in 48 hours we will cease communication. This email is going to be deleted in 12 hours.”

It is believed that the email was written at an internet cafe that enables automatic deletion.

If you have any details of the potential whereabouts of Linathi Titshala, please make reports to the nearest police station and Western Cape Gangwatch.

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