Bitcoin is 10 Years Old!!!!

On this day, the third of January, ten years ago, the world was given a gift that would change the course of history forever. The world was given the first genesis block of Bitcoin.

This genesis block was the first and only block to ever exist in the history of mankind. This genesis block was the beginning of a revolution that would positively impact the reality of mankind forever.

At 1:15:05 p.m, the revolution began. Following this date, the first ever recorded trading price of Bitcoin would be $0.003. A measly price which since then has skyrocketed as well as sea sawed between highs and lows.

The hexadecimal code of the genesis block was embedded with a referee to the the bailout of the United Kingdom’s banks. This was a classic mark of brilliance by the ever mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

We thank you, Satoshi.

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