Rest Easy With XcelTrip Worldwide – Low-Cost Hotel Bookings With Cryptocurrencies

XcelTrip is setting the pace for a new world of empowered travellers at the lowest possible costs. Everyone loves to travel but travel costs can be quite a pain. XcelTrip’s decentralised travel ecosystem provides opportunities to earn while travelling and to reduce travel costs. 

Hotel bookings are incredibly easy with XcelTrip. 

Affordable Hotel Bookings’s easy to use website shows a vast selection of hotels to book from. After putting in a few details about the location of your choice and the date of your stay, you are directed to a selection of properties for which you can easily use a search filter to make it easier to find what property suits you best. 

For the avid traveller, over 1 million hotels, resorts and other holiday service providers are ready to serve them on XcelTrip. And soon, 400 airlines will be at the ready to fly you to your next holiday destination with over 1 million taxis and limousines ready to pick you up from the airport. 

XcelTrip harnesses the power of blockchain technology to connect travel providers directly with consumers, saving them time and money while they earn extra income travelling. A simple referral to your favourite hotel , cafe, travel provider or restaurant to list their services on for free earns you XcelTokens. 

Xcel provides individuals and communities with discounts on their travel purchases. Whether they need a place to stay, a place to eat, a plane to fly, or a car to ride, Xcel has the perfect solution for secure and enjoyable travel experiences. After all, technology and empowerment are the two core pillars of its vision.

Quick, Secure, and Easy Payments with XcelTokens

XcelTokens can be used to pay for travel services as well as restaurants and cafes. They can also be exchanged for fiat currencies or traded on a cryptocurrency exchange. Xcel strives to solve real world issues, bridge gaps in relevant industries and build a generation that is economically progressive and independent.

Users of Xcel enjoy a blockchain-secured payment solution that gives them seamless access to discounts on hotels, faster payment transactions with businesses and vendors, and features of a personalised bank. All this is made possible with XcelToken and XcelPay. 

Xcel’s payment solution is the first of its kind, providing unmatched ease of payments to restaurants, spas, hotels, convenient stores, bars, and gas stations. This unmatched ease of use is made possible by its web and user wallets ,powered by XcelPay. With XcelPay, easy payments can be made between consumers and merchants in cryptocurrencies like XcelToken, Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Ripple, and Litecoin.

With XcelPay wallet on your phone, making a payment for goods and services can be as easy as scanning a code.  The QR code is pretty much like a normal bar code. All you need to do is scan the QR code for the good or service you want to purchase and like magic, your payment is made with unparalleled speed and ease.

Merchants with XcelPay get a free POS smart tablet, free chat and call support, and low transaction fees while they use XcelPay. The free POS smart tablets received can be used to receive and send payments in crypto with consumers. Payments can also be made through the websites of merchants and e-commerce companies. 

Book easy. Book cheaper.  Book with crypto…… Book XcelTrip.