Truth Paper: New Africa

Picture the thoughts. Imagine.

I present to you New Africa. It will not be a utopia. No such thing exists. It will, however, stand for liberty of the man, child, woman. New Africa will be the ecosystem our forefathers could not achieve. New Africa will be the saving grace of a generation. This Revolution Paper will spare no detail in its explicit expression of truth. This Revolution Paper proposes a New Africa built on the Ethereum Blockchain. A New Africa built for the protection of liberty of man,woman, child in Africa. Veritas vos liberabit. Truth with liberate you all. For mankind. For generations. For God and country (if such exists to you). 

The blockchain enables liberty. The blockchain enables freedom. The blockchain guarantees your freedom to knowledge, freedom to liberty, freedom to greatness. Satoshi Nakimoto, inventor of the blockchain, created a system that will liberate generations of mankind from the clutches of centralised power. Satoshi Nakimoto invented a system that will overthrow the empires of corruption built by centralised powers. Satoshi Nakimoto created a new layer of freedom for the oppressed, for the broken, for the downtrodden. The blockchain will liberate mankind. The revolution will be decentralised. The revolution will be lived. The revolution will be loved. 

The magnitude of soft power in an era of invisible warfare has never been more relevant. The magnitude of the soft power of the blockchain can be felt by those with their hands on the pulse of society. Those with their ears to the ground can hear the drum beats of an impending revolution which will transcend boundaries unimaginable. With blockchain, a new paradigm shift occurs. A new reality. It cannot be stopped. It will not be stopped. Therefore, I urge you my brothers, my sisters, my mothers, my sons, my daughters-join the revolution. Be on the right side of history. The blockchain will not fail you. It will elevate you. For generations and generations, men and women with a plethora of masks have failed you. The blockchain will not fail you. Embrace your destiny. Embrace your elevation. 

First, we build a New Africa then we build a new world. The pareto principle is clear: for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. The mathematically inclined may corroborate such notions 

In the words of Nelson Mandella, “sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. I ask all humanity now, to rise up. Then we can all stand with our heads held high.”.

The 2019 Nigeria elections mean nothing to me. Rogues dressed in suits and the finest silk that money can buy, with the finest watches that money can buy will speak to you the beautiful lies that have been spoken no less than a thousands times. They will speak of change, they will speak of a better Nigeria, like a carrot dangling infront of a donkey, they will propose to you the many changes that they hope for. No skin in the game. Just words, just position, just politics. I am willing to die for this New Africa. I am willing to die for the New Africa. Give me your ears. Give me your attention. Let us create REAL CHANGE. Let us not destroy the lives of our descendants. New Africa must become a reality. It must for the very survival of our descendants. The black man has not true home but in Africa. He roams the world with hopes of acceptance, such dreams are quickly dashed by the perception of him built by the crabs who happened to escape their prisons in Africa to new societies. Unfortunately, such crabs , through learned behaviour, find it almost impossible to function in more developed societies in manners expected of participants of such societies. Thus, the perception of the black man is marred in almost every corner of the earth. While the Chinese may be perceived as intelligent, the black man, whether we like it or not, is perceived as guilty until proven innocent. Sure, times have changed. Sure, awareness has increased, but for better or worse, the perception of Africa and the black man is at the bottom of the leaderboard of continents, if there ever was one. 

Yet, we know that Africa is not the hopeless jungle that it is perceived to be. We know of the treasures that colonialists travelled far and wide for in our Africa. We know of the richest man in history, Mansa Musa of the West African Mali Empire. We know of the revolutionaries that sacrificed their lives in hopes that liberty could be experienced by generations after them. Nelson Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba. Their deaths will not be in vain. The countless hours of sacrificed time will not be in vain. Through the power of technology, Africa will be liberated. The majority shall experience freedom. The majority shall finally see that Africa is their kingdom too. 

It must be understood that for the experience of the African, white or black, to be enhanced, the roots of the continent must be changed in such a way that what the root is connected to (Africans and its stakeholders) are affected according to an intended purpose. The intended purpose is freedom of rights. The right to think, the right to eat three meals a day, the right to learn, the right to believe, the right to live, the right to dream. Such rights are not even conceived as rights to many inhabitants of Africa. Whether intentional or not, the deprivation of these rights has resulted in the centralisation of power and resources being perpetuated by corrupt officials of African states. For better or for worse, we are here. At a cross-roads, with a choice to embrace blockchain technology. We are here with a choice to embrace its potential to change Africa forever. We are here. 

Currently, there are a myriad of activities taking place in the blockchain space in Africa. There are, however, few bridges to connect the projects and key players in ways that could build a new scalable ecosystem for Africans. 

The transfer of value in such a community is not without its disadvantages. Despite the leverage provided by technology for advancement, human nature serves as an impediment to the success of even the most advanced technological system. Humans are ambitious and naturally greedy. It is impossible that every single individual in a community will sacrifice for the good of the whole. There is, however, a strong possibility that possess me to believe that a technology such as blockchain can incentivise behaviour by each participant of a community that contributes to the good of the whole community. Where there is a lack of incentive in such a system, there is a restriction by the technology that makes it impossible for the system to be manipulated in such a way that facilitates a zero sum game.

In a community of people,  a hierarchy usually exists. Typically, the most dominant  or oldest member of the community may be at the top of the hierarchy. The youngest and weakest members of the community usually lay at the bottom of the hierarchy. In many of such communities, the majority of the resources lie at the top of the hierarchy. Resources for decision making, resources for financial exploits, resources for social engineering. At the top of the hierarchy are individuals with the majority of power. Their power feeds into a cycle of greater power on account of the compounding interest of resources and power they receive. The hope of those at the bottom of the hierarchy reaching the top or at least benefiting from the advantages of those at the top is limited to luck, natural ability, and more luck. Their destiny is at the whims of the 20% or the 1%-those at the top. Their destiny is limited or realised by the whims of those at the top. Do you think a decision by a community leader could not cause the life of one at the bottom to evaporate in an instant? It is more than possible. It is infact the reality that is lived on a daily basis in the world and in Africa. 

Laws made by those at the top of the hierarchy define daily life for the majority. Laws made “to protect”, indeed do protect but those at the top will find many translations to such an assertion. The experience of those at the bottom of the hierarchy is that laws have protected them but laws have also limited their experiences in ways which those at the top have not been limited. A simple example, is that of a politician who accepts billions in bribes in Nigerian currency but yet, is able to continue in office the next day as though it was all a dream. The disparity between the application of law for Nigeria’s elite and Nigeria’s majority has led to a dynamism that can be compared to a nightmare. Nigeria is indeed a nightmare. The nightmare some do not even realise that they are living. The nightmare that some with fire in their eyes, refute the existence of. Tell me, how can someone be so angry about something that does not exist? Do you find a mother who, with fire in her eyes, shouts to a child that Santa Claus does not exist? If she does, it is because such a notion goes against some beliefs of hers. Such a notion threatens her belief. Now tell me, why have so many banks, internationally and locally, refuted the concept of decentralised cryptocurrencies, deeming them as scams? Countless scams have been implemented by banks in history but on this rare occasion, our beloved bankers, vehemently dispute the viability of decentralised cryptocurrencies. There is a reason Satoshi Nakimoto stayed anonymous. His work could destroy the countless hours the minds behind centralised systems have worked so long and so hard, building. His work could destroy the very foundations of corruption and greed built by centralised systems. Veritas vos liberabit. The truth will liberate you all. 

Why are there billions of unbanked people in the world? A bank account is meant to be “free”, right? Yet, so many people do not use this “free” product. The financial system is flawed. The banks have failed. Looters and bankers are two words that have often become synonymous. Justifiably so. In Nigeria, millions of dollars have been looted by supposed professionals of the financial system. Still, they roam free. Centralised power is like a golden sceptre to those who wield it. 

I want us to build a foundation to achieve these things. I want us to build a future which for reasons not completely known to us, our forefathers could not realise. I want us to build the future together. Let the sacrifices of the courageous few in our history be justified by our action. Let our courage in the right direction set the footpath to a greater tomorrow. New Africa must be realised Join me. Join us. New Africa will facilitate the expansion of Africa’s blockchain and cryptocurrency projects which show the greatest promise of empowering the majority of Africa to learn, to think, to feed themselves, to achieve their dreams. We will not be stopped as we create an ecosystem for the elevation of mankind. We will not be stopped as we change the lives of hundreds of millions of youths in Africa. White or black, they all bleed blood. White or black, they all deserve, as humans, to be afforded fundamental rights which the blockchain will afford them. 

New Africa will serve as an incubator for freedom in Africa. New Africa will facilitate the success of blockchain projects in Africa which have sincere aspirations for the financial freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, and other human rights of Africans and other individuals in Africa. 

New Africa will become an example, a light house, a beam of hope to the rest of Africa and the world. New Africa will show the world that a stable ecosystem with significant human development is possible in Africa. 

Our mission cannot be achieved in silos. New Africa will be an incubator for freedom in Africa. Libertatum incubator. Thus, New Africa must be achieved by collaborating with blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in Africa which enable freedom of the masses from the seeds of corruption and depredation. It will carry out the highest degree of due diligence to ensure all projects it invests in show the strongest potential to achieve a new ecosystem of freedom. 

New Africa will become an internationally recognised state. This will enable it to be self-regulated and thus be able to escape the regulatory traps which a notable amount of governments and financial institutions have created to slow down the rate of free adoption and growth of blockchain technology. By being a self-recognised state, New Africa will have create a new society, that can lead by example, showing the world that a stable and prosperous Africa is still possible . New Africa will not have a president but it will have decentralised governance which will allow for more truly democratic operation of a society. 

As a sovereign state, New Africa will be an incubator for freedom. Land will be purchased to create a physical location for New Africa. A constitution will be created for governance with the contribution of its community. In New Africa, everything is decentralised. Education will be more easily accessible, finance will be like never before, healthcare will be revolutionised. New Africa aims to ensure that blockchain projects in Africa with sincere aspirations have a home where their creative freedom can truly be explored with no limitations but the edges of imagination. Regulations and laws in New Africa will facilitate the expansion of blockchain technology in Africa. Regulations and laws in New Africa will not only facilitate innovative freedom but they will facilitate freedom in ways other African countries have not allowed. New Africa will imbibe the principles of the bill of rights of America but with due consideration of the sentiments of a new generation. The bill of rights of New Africa will be voted on. We are not here for profit. We are here for man kind. What is fascinating is that in focusing on solving the problems of man kind and in focusing on the process of the greater good, monetary gains follow. Monetary gains for proponents of a better world. Monetary gains for inhabitants of New Africa. 

New Africa is not an anarchy. It is a blockchain-centric economy that will enable the faster growth of blockchain’s influence in Africa and the world. New Africa is a system for the people by the people. The voting system on laws will prove that. New Africa will not only show was is possible in Africa with blockchain technology but what is possible anywhere in the world with blockchain technology infused into the soul of the society. 

The following will be the pillars of New Africa

  • Decentralised governance
  • Decentralised finance
  • Decentralised education
  • Blockchain Incubation
  • Tourism

These are the ultimate goals of New Africa. A new community. Even if we are not able to achieve sovereign status or a physical location in the short or medium term, we will be able to penetrate different economic systems in Africa with our incubation of the appropriate blockchain projects in the space.We will work tirelessly to implement strategies, shape policies, and set the direction for a blockchain enabled Africa. Through the convergence of private equity and incubation methodologies, we will be the bridge on which Africa crosses to a new paradigm. The interesting thing about blockchain is that it is a new society in itself, irrespective of physical location. The internet has made this possible. New Africa is the foundation for a new Africa.

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